Flight Delayed — Humboldt State Reunion

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Our bags are packed and checked, but weather at Yesterday Camp canceled our flight today. Hopefully we’ll be flying to camp tomorrow. We’re living out of our carry-ons, hopefully not too much longer, anticipating flying tomorrow… There is no internet access from Yesterday Camp, so this may be the last post until we return after the installations are completed, hopefully … Read More

Ice Camp Established

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Our camp on the Ross Ice Shelf was put in today. We’ll be deploying to the camp in two days. A lot of prep work to get everything moved from McMurdo to Yesterday Camp (just east of the dateline near 79deg S) has been done today. We’re nearly ready to go, hoping that the weather holds and the LC-130 transport … Read More

First Project Seismometer On the Ice (DR16)

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The installation of a seismic station on the ice takes a team effort, including help from the KBA Twin Otter pilots. Our seismic stations differ from the Wiens/Aster project installed yesterday in that they also contain barometers to measure the displacement due to atmospheric pressure changes. DR16 is our station that is farthest south, away from the ice front (see … Read More

Cheese Shop – Globe Trotting Frisbee!

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The Cheese Shop Frisbee travels the world – Here it is making an appearance at McMurdo for 10 days only! Next stop on the 2014 Antarctica Tour is the Ross Ice Shelf for a three-week special engagement at Yesterday Camp. We’re grateful to John, son Phil, and grandson John for over four decades of tasty sandwiches and other treats served … Read More

Sensors in the Hole!

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Got the first two seismic stations installed today! Only 32 more to go! Dr. Flick waiting at the shuttle stop with the team for transport to Willy Field. ‘Nuff said…   Team waiting in the Willy Field First Class transit lounge for cargo manifest problems to be resolved.   Baggage and cargo handling is done with snow-machine.   Cargo and … Read More

McMurdo is Warm!!

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Official temperature at MacTown is 14 degrees F today with one of the thermometers at Derelict Junction shuttle stop reading about 28 degrees this morning! It’s warm here, so come on down!

Shake Down Camp Out

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We were transported out to the snow camping area near Williams (Willy’s) Field, an ice runway. The Crew. Heading to Snow Camp. The “field” training consisted of building a wall out of sawed snow blocks to shield out tents from the wind and each setting up our tents. The Wind Shield. Fortunately, we had great weather: sunny, low winds, and … Read More

And the training continues.

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Yesterday we were on survival camp out on the McMurdo Ice Shelf. We were transported out to our camping site on the ice shelf. Not as busy as a standard California camping site and about 70F colder! Trail running on Ross Island, 14 degrees F and zero wind! McMurdo Station/Sound and the Royal Society Range in the background.

Ham Radio Public Outreach KC4USV McMurdo

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Worked about 180 stations so far from the McMurdo hamshack, which is the checkered shipping container box in the photo. We have been spreading the word about out RIS seismic work via contacts from Japan to Argentina, Australia, Italy, England, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, and Russia and dozens of states and provinces! Radio propagation has been good using … Read More

Moving to Yesterday Camp 11/10

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Cold weather and survival training in Antarctica is extensive. The logistics for 15 people living at a field camp in sub-freezing weather requires extensive preparation — tents, food, sleeping bags, snowmobiles, fuel, … Today was snowmobile training — an important part of field operations since stations nearby (< 30 mi) will be installed by snowmobiles towing sleds carrying the instruments.