Scotts Hut

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Being in Antarctica is an exclusive experience and we can barely imagine how the first discoverers felt in their early expeditions. Many of these early voyages to Antarctica, around the turn of the 20th century, found a safe harbor in the McMurdo Sound, landing on Ross Island where McMurdo station stands today. One of the few remnants of early Antarctic exploration near McMurdo is “Scott’s Hut,” which we fortunate to visit during its brief opening to the McMurdo community for several hours last Sunday. A few minutes by foot along the coast beyond McMurdo station, this wooden hut stands well preserved from the days when it was used by the British Captain Robert Scott and his men. Many artifacts inside the hut remain intact, ranging from a box of dog biscuits to a dried out seal body! During its periodic public openings, Scott’s Hut is popular among the McMurdo population, who trek out in “Big Red” to have a look inside this historical place.
Upon entering the hut, we were informed that anything that might be moved, scratched or even viewed from the wrong angle would be recorded and reported to the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust  with the potential for further consequences. With this in mind, have a look at our pictures of Scott’s Hut which we visited in today’s physical Antarctic climate – much like Scott’s – and today’s bureaucratic climate, put in place to conserve this important historical site.