2014 Field Season

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McMurdo Station from the air. [Reinhart Piuk / NSF]

McMurdo Station from the air. [Reinhart Piuk / NSF]

Stay tuned for updates from McMurdo and the Ross Ice Shelf.

2014 Field Season:
(approximate dates dependent on weather)

Oct 31 – Nov 9: McMurdo Station
Nov 10 – Dec 1: Ross Ice Shelf: Yesterday Field Camp, instrument deployment.
Dec 6: Depart from McMurdo to Christchurch, NZ

The team will operate from the temporary Yesterday Camp on the ice near the dateline (180° longitude) from Nov. 10 to Dec. 1, installing nearby stations with snowmobile transits and more distant stations by fixed-wing Twin-Otter flights. Deployment operations and the duration at Yesterday Camp will depend heavily on the weather, which even in summer conditions can be severe with high winds and sub-zero temperatures.