And: Lift off! – Really.

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Nearly three weeks at McMurdo gave us a good chill about weather in Antarctica and its predictability. The last days partly felt like never ending SIO coffee hours with all the project Scripps partitioned that  this season (see San Diego Union Tribune).
Today is the day of take off to camp: They day when we say good by to frosty boy, heated buildings, US TV and a lot of comfort you really wouldn’t expect down here. We will exchange the spectacular view on on the trans-antarctic mountains with a 360 deg view of nothing else than a horizontal line. Our days will be filled with searching for solar panels and then digging holes in the snow. Not beautiful, but fast. We will leave nothing behind the nature itself, but will know the shelf’s movement, measured continuous and accurate as never before.

We are done, when we are done. See you in about 3 to 5 weeks!