A day at the office

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We were  backup on the Basler today and didn’t fly.

We are backup on MKB, the Basler air plane.

We are backup on MKB, the Basler air plane.

Ever wondered what we do when we don’t fly?

Well, we get up between 5:30 and 6:00. Go and have breakfast to be ready to receive news between 6:45 and 7:00. That’s when they tell us we are staying:

We are not flying! - Ahhhh

We are not flying! – Ahhhh

So we have to find some other tasks around the office and there is always something to do!

Lots of work

Lots of work

As non native speaker Zhao and Anja get the chance to learn many colorful englisch sayings:

Hurry up and wait!

When in trouble when in doubt run in circles scream and shout!

You don’t ever know ‘cuz you never can tell!

Can’t get there from here!

By then it’s time for lunch.


Meal time comes around more quickly than we’d like sometimes.

After lunch we  check the news and brows the internet. Lots of patience is needed for this task:

Sitting in front of a white screen!

Sitting in front of a white screen!

Or we walk over to the library and read books about the first Antarctic explorers like Scott, Shakelton and Amundsen.


The Library is small but has a nice collection with plenty of comfortable couches and nooks to sit and read.

Such a long day. It’s almost time for dinner and to go back to sleep!


Seems as though our lives here revolve around eating.

Cross your fingers, that we can fly to Yesterday Camp tomorrow morning.